Wordsearch Factory
Crank out and solve unlimited word search puzzles with the high-performance engine of WordSearch Factory! You will never see the same puzzle twice! This app produces a fresh puzzle every time, along with a related, mystery key sentence as an added bonus once the puzzle is completely solved.
Snappy response and clean, uncluttered board graphics have been designed for all your iOS device.
Word selection is super easy with either one swipe or a couple taps. You can choose from among 10 themes and 4 grid sizes. Additionally, several attractive fonts are available to make the game even more pleasing to the eye!
If you get stuck, the useful
"Help Me" button flashes at the start of a new word to give a friendly hint! WordSearch Factory is the perfect game to enjoy!
- Built-in word search generator with fun key sentence to solve upon puzzle completion.
- Lots of words to find even in small puzzles.
- 10 popular and interesting subject themes (Animals, Cities, Classical Mythology, Flowers and Plants, just to name a few).
- 4 grid sizes (from 8x8 to 11x11).
- 2 different methods to mark the word as you find it.
- 6 attractive fonts from which to choose.
- Landscape mode on iPad.
- Help me button for giving a little hint when you can’t find a word.
- Automatic save of unfinished grid so you can continue later where you left off.
- Updated FAQ online with your inquiries so you can share insight from others.
- Statistics page showing all details of your game (including Help-me used, Grid size, Words count, Missing words, and more detailed notes)
- Leaderboard of the best puzzle solvers.
- No playing delay for annoying banner ads.